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The 'Life' Series

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Life: The Sequel
Book One
Published: October 10, 2022

An ancient virus was released from the permafrost in Siberia.

The virus was highly infectious before it began to mutate. With each mutation, it became a stronger, faster killer. In the beginning, there was a chance to save humanity…no one took it. Within a year, nearly everyone on earth was dead.

As time passes, surviving grows harder.

In this new reality, the survivors band together, fighting foes and always searching for food and shelter. Traveling across the empty land, a group learns to rely on each other to survive the apocalypse.

A leader emerges.

Ellie doesn’t see herself as a leader, but all too quickly she must learn. She must gather her courage, use her intelligence, and lead her people to safety. Finding food and shelter becomes the easier part of survival. Safety from roving bands is harder. Ellie must use her wits to keep her people together and lead them to safety, but how?

Who will survive? Who will be lost?

About the Author

Jackie Woodman lived most her life in Iowa. She loves the outdoors and outdoor life. She now resides in Florida with her husband and cat. Life: The Sequel is her first novel.

Jackie is a lifelong outdoorswoman. She loves to hunt, fish and garden. She has experience in self-reliance, nature, and survival. A lifetime of reading has taught her about wilderness medicine, as sometimes, when on a hunting trip, the hunting party can be far from help.

She binge-watches survival shows, and usually will end up yelling at the TV “that’s not how you do it!” Her friends tell her that in the event of the zombie apocalypse, they are on her team because she will survive.

Jackie is a born storyteller and trivia enthusiast with a slight coffee addiction. She can often be found entertaining friends and family with an engaging tale.

Out of her life’s experiences, Jackie has created a riveting story of one woman’s endurance, survival, and liberation. An adventure that will take you to another place and time, make you laugh, make you cry and make you sorry you have reached the last page

Random Bits of Trivia

This section assumes you have already read 'Life: The Sequel' as this section contains spoilers. If you have read the book, then click here to continue to the Trivia page.

Contact Info

Jackie loves when her readers get in touch with her.


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